No, I'm not trying to advertise. I'm trying to extend an olive branch, because there's so much competition between all the different AT Roleplaying sites.

It's your chance to see which Wiki has what it takes to be the best! It's a lot like Wizard Battle, but you don't have to be a Wizard!

It'll be starting the Saturday after next. You can check out this page for more information.

And, there's a good chance a villain may show up and crash the tournament, causing roleplayers from all Wikis to have to settle their differences and work together... *wink wink*

The rules are simple.

In the tournament, anyone who comes into contact outside of the ring, is knocked out for more than ten seconds (which is counted by the commentator), or gives up, automatically loses. The tournament forbids any use of weapons or protective body gear (although natural weapons, such as bear claws, are allowed). Poking someone in the eyes or hitting them in the groin is also not allowed. The most important rule is that killing the opponent is not allowed. Disobeying any of these rules results in disqualification from the tournament.

Understand? Good! I hope to see you there!